Photography is an art that is getting popular with every passing day. One thing that is for sure is that it comes from a place of passion. Earning from something you love doing is amazing right? That is why transitioning into commercial photography is the dream of every photographer, whether established or aspiring.

Let’s pause here for a bit and bring editorial photography into the picture. Did you know that editorial photography is the pathway into commercial photography? Knowing the difference between the two types of photography is important. That being said, if you have been a photographer for a while now, chances are high that you have done a couple of jobs for editorial purposes. And if you are an aspiring photographer, this is, indeed, a great platform for you to begin before you start doing commercial jobs. Either way, shooting for editorial publications gives you the impetus to eye for a place in the profit-making arena with great enthusiasm.

Let’s dive in to learn why editorial photography is the door you need to stir up your commercial potential.


Building a Strong Portfolio

Shape yourself first so that you can start walking tall.

How do you do this?
It’s very simple. Build a portfolio. As you do this, you will be putting up a foundation to shape you as you look forward to starting making money from your camera. Your future clients need to know where you are coming from and how far you are willing to go. Essentially, as you keep up with your editorial gigs, you will build a strong portfolio since you will bring together a wide range of your finest works. For every work you do, you receive credit for it and it gives you a voice in the commercial world.

As you engage more in taking images for editorial clients, you will know what you are able to capture well. In other words, this is where you are at your best. Finding your voice is finding your perfect skill set and using it to transit to better-paying opportunities, working for high-end clients.

An important tip in building a strong portfolio is making sure that you are consistent. This means that you have to maintain the way you tell your stories with your camera. Don’t lose any element, and you will be opening your way into lucrative business deals.


Brightening and Sharpening the Capacity to Tell Stories at a Deeper Level

Images tell stories that words can’t. Is your ability to tell beautiful stories sharp enough for you to work with big advertising agencies? As you anticipate switching to commercial photography, you should be adept at telling stories with your lens. Remember, this is a skill that comes with time, and the best place to develop it is in editorial photography. At this level, you are capturing images to educate a particular audience.

For you to tell a story that people can relate to you have to be good at what you do, right? The reason why editorial publications use a photographer’s images is because of his or her skill at capturing the imagination of an audience and making them gravitate their thinking towards a particular direction. Will this not be the perfect training ground for you as you aspire to get better and higher-paying deals? In commercial environments, you have to bring your A-game. You will be capturing images according to the standards and needs of your clients. The good news is that your editorial works will brighten and sharpen your capacity to tell stories at a deeper level. You will rise to become meticulous, creative, and perfect when working in a business setting.


Marketing Your Work

Have you seen photographers rise to become highly sought-after experts? What is their secret really? The answer is marketing. Could be you are asking how the marketing process works. It’s very simple.

Your editorial works will do the talking for you. They will position you strategically in the commercial landscape. This is where your portfolio will come in handy. As you build a strong portfolio, you will be marketing your skills and abilities further in your craft. In other words, editorial photography is a marketing building block that you should never underestimate at all. The fact that you are being paid lesser than a commercial photographer doesn’t mean that you are wasting your passion. On the contrary, if you do a great job and you get noticed by big advertising agencies, you will find it easier for you to fit into the commercial space. Be bold enough to open a commercial gallery where your work can be seen by potential clients.

There are online platforms where you can market yourself at. Flickr, 500px, Viewbug, and many more. These are good examples. Since advertising companies are familiar with these sites and they visit them quite often, you will be increasing your prospects of being spotted. Isn’t this a great way of marketing yourself into a rewarding commercial world?


Building the Much-Needed Experience

You will need the confidence to succeed in this competitive industry. Your achievements as a commercial photographer will depend on how you are able to express confidence in what you do. Undoubtedly, the quality of your work is a reflection of the level of belief you have in what you do.

The genesis of your confidence as a photographer is experience. The amount of time, energy, resources, and passion that you invest in as an editorial photographer is not in vain. It accumulates to give you great rewards when you transit to work with renowned brands. Truth be told, you can never compare a photographer who gets directly into the photography business world with the one who gains experience as an editorial photographer first. There is so much to learn about this art before you get into the money-making sphere. Don’t ignore the capacity of taking photos for educational publications to prepare you for higher-paying advertising opportunities. There is so much competition in the market right now. You can’t walk into it when you are not yet ripe. This is the door you need in order to get into lucrative photography deals in the future.

Certainly, the future of photography is bright. There is so much market potential out there for you to put your passion into action. Just like in any other craft or business, there is always a place to begin, and a place to build your skills further. Editorial photography is such a place if you want to go commercial with a bang! Hence, consider investing more in it as it will push you to see the larger picture of the business world.