Photographing product advertisements is not a new thing, it has been around for many decades. However, due to Covid-19, the world has picked up its pace towards virtualizing every aspect of businesses. Similarly, e-commerce has seen a boom and almost all stores are moving towards online selling. It basically means that there will be a huge demand for photographing product advertisements may it be for social media or their own online stores. Now, if you are here, you have already stepped into this field. This article will properly guide you about different ways so you can stand out among others. Let us get on with it.



black and white camera tripod

Before we begin, we assume that you have already gathered all the necessary equipment and are comfortable using it. That is why we will only be talking about the tips and ideas that will help you in getting the full potential of your equipment. The very first thing that you need to worry about is lighting. As you might already know, product photography only deals with a still object and the rest is your own creativity and imagination. Light plays a big role in making a stationary object appear full of life. You must keep an eye on how light affects the shadows on the product. You may use diffusers or reflectors to manipulate light as much as you like.



Reliable Tripod

black camera on tripod in grayscale photography

One thing that shouts amateur is a blurry photograph. If you are striving to be a professional, you do not want that unless it is the depth of field that you are working with. Otherwise, you should think about getting a sturdy tripod. It will not only remove the slight hand-shake but also give you the creative freedom to mess around with other settings.


Composing the Photo

This part will require you to get a bit creative and approach the product with different techniques. First, you need to photograph it from different angles to identify the one which highlights the details of the product. Second, you need to place props that complement the product. For instance, you can use kitchen utensils in food advertisements. Lastly, you need to choose a perfect background. You can either use some combination of colors or even the environment in which the product is intended to be used. If you are not so sure about it, you can work with a pure white background. However, composing the photograph is such that the focus is on the main product, not the props.


Learn from an Experienced Photographer

An important thing to remember is that theory can only do so much. This article will arm you with the knowledge, however, you will have to practice yourself. An easy way to learn quickly is to pair up with a seasoned photographer. You will not only learn new tricks and techniques by doing this but also if you run into any obstacle, you will have someone to help you. You can even take a basic photography class if it fancies you. There are multiple sites available online so you can learn from the convenience of your home.

Also, if you are struggling with ideas and creativity, you can get inspiration from your favorite brands or even photographers. However, do not simply copy their ideas, it might get you into legal problems. Just analyze the elements and style and try to carve your own.


Work Magic with your Editing

black laptop computer beside white ceramic mug on brown wooden table

Editing sets apart professionals from beginners because pros are as skilled with editing software as they are with a camera. Not only does editing fix any minor mistakes that you might have made, but it also opens numerous creative doors for you. You can even create new backgrounds entirely on editing software. If you are quite comfortable with your camera, the next step for you is learning how to process your images in software such as Photoshop.



Like we mentioned above, this article simply guides you about the various ways of photographing product advertisements like a professional. However, it is all going to come down to the patience and resilience that you show in your journey. Keep practicing and keep improving.