Why a Professional Headshot

Many people don’t understand the importance of a professional headshot. They may believe that actor headshots are the only ones that need to be professionally done, or they might not see how a headshot fits into their own life.

The reality is that most people will need a headshot at some point. They may only want to use it to boost the appearance of their social media accounts and make them look more professional. They may be a business person who needs a fantastic picture to put on an online resume to get a job or to put on their corporate websites. Since these pictures will be seen over and over by potential clients and employers, they will need to be done well.


Find the Right Photographer and Location

professional headshot

The first thing the person needs to do is choose a photographer and a location. The photographer will be essential as business headshots must be done by a professional, not just anyone with a camera. However, they shouldn’t just choose any photographer near them. 

It’s essential to take the time to look at the potential photographers’ portfolios before deciding. The person will need to make sure they like the pictures’ style and quality, as every photographer has a different style.

They will also need to determine if they’d like the headshot done in a studio, in their own office, or outdoors. This is often a personal decision, but the photographer can help if the person isn’t sure. Depending on a person’s reason for the headshot, they may need a clean, white background or want to have their local scenery included. The background will be seen in the photograph, so it’s important to consider what the background will look like.


Prepare for the Photo Shoot

outdoor headshot

Once the person knows who they want to take the picture with and where they want it taken, they need to prepare for the day. 

They’ll want to choose their clothing carefully to be sure it looks good on the day of the photoshoot. 

They’ll want to ensure the clothing looks professional and appropriate for their job. Jewelry and other accessories should be kept to a minimum, so they aren’t overwhelming in the photograph. A simple necklace is better than a more ornate one. 

Care should be taken with the person’s makeup and hair as well. Any makeup should be carefully applied to ensure it doesn’t look bad in the photograph. Many women prefer to have their hair and makeup professionally done to ensure they look great. Men should shave the morning of the photoshoot or ensure any facial hair is well-groomed so it looks good in the photo.


Why Go Through All of This?

It’s essential to consider how a person might get a headshot. Those who want to save money might try cropping a family photo. The issue with this is that the background can be seen, and the picture may not be able to be cropped, so there is no one else in it. Plus, when it’s enlarged, it will be grainy and not look very good. Others might try to take a selfie to use as their headshot. 

For corporate headshots, this is not going to be a great idea. The viewpoint in a selfie isn’t straight on, and the person taking a photograph likely doesn’t know how to work with the light, the camera angle, and more to make them look their best. They’re also not usually done with a professional camera, so the results can be grainy and unclear, significantly when enlarged. A professional can ensure everything looks fantastic and the best lighting, location, and more are chosen.

Talk to a professional who does headshot photography if you need a great photograph. I will be able to help you get the perfect headshot you can use for social media accounts, business profiles, and more.