Amazon product images are the most critical and valued factor for any potential customer to decide if they want to buy the product. Unless you are a photographer yourself, you would require the expertise of a professional product photographer. Now, it costs to hire them, however, let us save you from wasting your precious time and money as well as the photographer’s resources. Read along to understand how to order amazon product images in an efficient and better way.


Importance of Product Images

Amazon has a tremendous potential to turn even the simplest of homemade objects into bestsellers. There are certain factors that affect this. These factors include Product title, images, features, description, reviews, and rating. However, it should also be noted that after the product title, the first thing that people see is the product images. According to established research, more than 60% of customers are more likely to buy a product having good quality images. Of course, anybody would understand that 60% is a large enough number to be taken lightly. Another important point to discuss here is that first impressions do matter. Therefore, it becomes even more critical to get good images so that the ranking of your Amazon listing may improve.

We already understand that product photos are critical for success on Amazon. To get good images we must need a product photographer. Of course, it costs a bit to hire them. However, it is better to understand the different elements that may cause these costs to increase. Understanding the different aspects of product photos will help you save money and time when you hire a product photographer.


Amazon Policies for Images

It would be very annoying if you have a product shoot done only to get the images declined by Amazon. There can be any rule or policing against the decline. Hence, the very first step in saving both your time and money is to keep up with Amazon policies regarding images. You must read the full comprehensive list on Amazon’s site. However, just to give you an idea, here are some of the policies.

• The format should be TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

• Image dimensions should be at least 1000*1000.

• The color mode should be SRGB or CMYK

These are just a few of the policies. Amazon has detailed policies for the main image as well as ‘other view’ images. You must go over them to save your resources.


Understand the Competition



Before you hire a professional photographer, you need to have some idea of what you require. An easy way to do this is to know what your competitors are doing in that specific niche. For this purpose, simply search the name of the product that you are going to sell and then open the images of top sellers of that product. This will give you an idea about the likes and wants of customers. However, there is no need to be obsessed with their images. You do not want to be a copycat. Just analyze their images to get inspiration from them. Also, in addition to top sellers, you should look at the worst performers as well. This will give you some insights into what customers do not like.

The important part to remember is that you are competing against all of the existing listings. Therefore, your images need to stand out among the rest and be eye-catching if you want to make a profit.


Make a rough sketch


Analyzing the images uploaded by competitors will give you a clear idea of what you want and what you do not want. By this stage, you will have a mental image that you want the photographer to create. A more streamlined method to convey what you want is to create a rough pictorial description of that mental image. You need to put your idea on paper. It does not matter if they look like doodles or cartoonish. Perfecting them is the job of the photographer, your work is to explain your ideas in the best way possible.


Communicate with your Photographer


Now that you know what you seek, you are ready to get the work done. While hiring a professional, you need to communicate all the requirements and the essential details with them. A communication gap will be detrimental to not only your resources but the photographer’s time as well. Therefore, it is better to sort out all the details of the project before the actual work is started. Like we said before, the rough sketch that you create will be essential for effective communication.

Another important thing that you can utilize here is to write a detailed note of the requirements. It will also be helpful for the photographer as a way of reminding them of key details. This brief should include every aspect of the project. For instance, it would be better if you start by explaining Amazon’s policies. This would serve as basic constraints and they may be able to better define the scope of the pictures. After that, you should describe your sketch and talk about all the texts and infographics that you need on the images.


Creativity is the Key

As we have discussed before, you are competing with all the existing listings. Therefore, your images need to stand out among the rest and provide some value that others do not. For this specific purpose, you need a photographer who is creative enough to capture the attention of viewers. You do not need some bland images that will generate losses instead of profits. Hence, you should look at previous works of the photographer to know if they are capable of producing creative images.

However, the photographer can only get as much creativity as your resources allow. It does not have to be too expensive but if you require lifestyle photos showcasing your products, you will have to bear the cost of models as well. If your budget does not allow it, you can find some stock photos to go with the main product photos. It will save both your time and money.


A/B Tests of Product Images

Amazon has recently introduced a new feature that will help you get insights into whether your product images are doing good or bad. You create two variants of your main images and then upload both of them. Amazon will give you weekly reports about which photos are doing better, at no additional cost. The process takes five minutes to set up and the results are pretty simple to understand. It can be set up in the Manage Your Experiments tool in the Seller Central. This simple experiment will save you important time that you might otherwise waste if your product photos are not good enough.


Step up the game with 360 Images

Amazon recently introduced the use of 360 spin photos. Although Amazon started testing this feature back in 2018, they have only recently started to implement it for general use. Now, it must be remembered that Amazon has a gigantic customer base, therefore, they faced some technical issues with this. Amazon also needed to make sure that visual experience and image quality will not deteriorate which made them test it for a longer period. However, the recent 60-day pilot program was quite encouraging which led to the addition of this feature.

As the name suggests, 360 spin photos allow users to inspect the product from every direction and angle. This added interaction has proven to not only increase sales but also lower the return rates. Before ordering product images, you should know that 360 images are a bit expensive than the stills, however, they will definitely, improve your listing and product ranking. If you are interested in creating this kind of 360 product photography let me know so I can help you.



Now, as a last piece of advice, it is important to realize that these product images are an investment. If you try to save on these and compromise on quality, you may hurt your sales. It is better to hire a good photographer than incur losses afterward. Otherwise, this guide will be helpful enough to save your time as well as money.