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Many assume a commercial photographer only takes pictures. I can be of much more help than this, as I can offer suggestions on hairstyles, provide make-up tips, and point out mistakes to avoid when using cosmetics and grooming advice. Color is of importance when dressing for the business world, and I can be of help here also. It’s never a smart idea to take a photo in a white shirt when standing against a white background, especially for those individuals with pale skin, hair, and eyes. He or she ends up fading into the background, and this is never good. Color harmony is of importance, and outfits need to be coordinated with shoes and accessories. In addition, certain color’s project credibility, authority, and approachability. We’ll discuss this and how all play a role in your overall image.

There is no room for error when pictures of this type are taken. The goal is to sell a person instead of a product, and I work to maximize the selling power of each photo I take for you. Once I make recommendations on clothing, makeup, hair, and more, I begin working on the composition of the photo and the lighting to ensure all elements of the photo are ideal. This isn’t always easy to do, but I have extensive experience in this area and I get input from each client before proceeding. The image portrays a message and we need to ensure we are on the same page as to what message is to be delivered. For example, a physician may wish to appear approachable while an attorney wants to project an image of authority. I can work with both and simply need to know what image the client wishes to present in the photos.

These are skills the average photographer lacks, which is why a professional photographer is of great importance. My quality of work is exceptional at all times, as I’m not satisfied until you are. Furthermore, if I feel the photos aren’t sending the desired message or portraying the correct image, I’ll sit down with you to discuss why and explain where I think changes need to be made. You have the final say in which images are used, but I want you to have the best photos possible, and I’ll work with you to ensure this is the case.

Commercial Photography

There is no room for error when it comes to this type of image. The images must convey a message to the desired audience in such a way that the message sticks in their mind long after they have finished viewing the photo.

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Product Photography

When capturing images of products, photographers often rely on pictures typically seen in catalogs or magazines. To demonstrate the value of the product, I search for those details that offer the most appeal and showcase them in the images.

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Food Photography

Consumers have more options than ever, which means that you need to be sure that your products appeal to your target audience. My professional photography services will have potential customers ready for seconds before their first bite.

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Headshot Photography

Canada is known as a country of entrepreneurs. Clients wish to work with those individuals they have confidence in, and I work to bring out the best in each subject, helping them to look their best while appearing professional.

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Event Photography

Canada is known as a country of entrepreneurs. Clients wish to work with those individuals they have confidence in, and I work to bring out the best in each subject, helping them to look their best while appearing professional.

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Interior Design Photography

Technical solutions and creativity must come together when shooting interior design. Curves and lines also play a role in the final product, which is why you need a photographer with an eye for style and an appreciation for architecture.

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Fashion Photography

The fashion industry changes rapidly, and items that were popular last year may now be considered outdated. Presenting the fashions in a way that truly attracts individuals is critical here, and yet many photographers take the same old boring shots.

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Professional marketing and communication videos are a critical component of any business’ growth. We work with compelling storylines that will captivate your audience. The content we produce makes information more digestible, appealing and engaging.

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Give me a call whatever your needs are, photography or video, and be sure to check out my blog to see some of my most recent shoots. In addition, on my Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll find hints and tips on how to make your shoot special. I’ll work with you to create a unique campaign that draws attention to you or your company and presents the subject in a favorable light. Regardless of how much or how little time you have, we’ll come up with the images you need, and there’s no extra charge when you have a short deadline. Your company is your passion and photography is mine. Together, we’ll create great content that will linger in the mind of viewers for some time to come

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