Hello, this is my first blog post, and I wanted to make it a little funny but in the end, it is a sad reality that we are facing nowadays with phone addiction.

How many of you have been to a party, holiday, or a simple casual meeting with friends, and at least three out of five are looking at their cell phone, texting with someone, or simply surfing on Facebook? I feel blessed because we live in a tech world and everything is much easier with our smartphones, but we also forget how important is to have that live interaction with people, friends, family, your pet…

Just think about it and connect with people, but do it in person. Let’s try not to lose that friendly interaction we used to have before this technology. There are many features on Facebook that will help us in interacting and arranging meetings with friends.

These days, even kids have phones and they stay attached to the devices than go out and play with friends.

My intention with this personal project is to show how addicted we have become to electronic devices like phones, tablets, etc. It’s incredible how people have engaged so much to those devices that sometimes they forget that there is a life out there.

I would say that sometimes this could cause social problems among couples, families, and even work, or at least it would be the beginning of those problems.

I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment if you wish. Also, I want to thank my beautiful wife for helping me out doing this. 

And remember, go out there and connect with something else but Wi-Fi