Video is the new “it” medium for storytelling. And it isn’t going away any time soon. People are consuming more video each year. YouTube is growing with more content daily, and more video is shared and consumed on social media. While photography will never go away, video has become a significant complement to it. To better position your business for future success, add video services to what you offer your clients. Here are a few reasons why you should consider learning video skills.


Video is the current trend

As mentioned above, video is what people are consuming right now. If you are not offering people what they want, they may overlook you and your services. Also, if you share content from your business online, it most likely is not reaching as many people as you would like. Since video is the trend, social media sites reward users who share videos more favorable in the algorithms. Content that is strictly text or photo is not as ranked as high by these services. To make sure your followers see all your content, you must incorporate video.


It helps you improve your skills and learn new ones

Learning a new skill shows your customers you are willing to evolve and stay relevant. Learning how to shoot and edit video will also challenge you as a creative. Looking at your subjects through the lens of a video camera will help you see things in a new way and challenge you to think about new techniques to captures moments and emotions. Video diverges from photography in several ways. Learning a new skill like video can actually help make you a better photographer.


Expand your business opportunities

videography skills as a photographer

People booking for events hire photographers and videographers. If you can provide both services, that is an incredible boost to your business. You save your customers the stress of having to hire another person for their event. There are, of course, logistics in how you would be able to take photos and shoot video at the same time. But you can always hire an assistant to help you shoot the event. Learning this new skill helps you book more gigs, as some individuals are not utilizing photographers at all and have moved exclusively to video as their preferred medium.


Use it to showcase your business on social media and your website

You can practice your video skills while you showcase your business. For those who visit your website, you can create exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of how you set up for a photoshoot or what your editing thought process is, etc. You can then take this footage and share it on your social media. What an amazing way to showcase yourself and learn new skills at the same time.

You can even apply this to another situation and start a YouTube channel. You can shoot video of yourself teaching relevant skills to your profession and upload them to your channel. This gives you a chance to share video content and practice shooting and editing video. There are also opportunities to monetize your YouTube content. What a win-win situation all around!

Take these tips to heart, learn a new skill, and watch your business boom! Who doesn’t want a chance to learn a new skill that can increase their business?


Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash