Personality is what defines your business and differentiates you from the rest. Photos will go a long way in projecting your image and providing a way for people to understand you. Adding personality to your corporate photography will not only define you but offer you a better opportunity to tell your unique story. You need to add color, the perfect background, and include the small things that matter most.


Add Your Corporate Colors

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One of the things that differentiate one business from another is the color people know them for. You can display your personality by adding color that people relate to your business. The color will improve your appearance, create a lasting impression, and will get people’s imagination running wild. Color also has a way of sticking into people’s memories to ensure that they continue to remember you for a long time to come. The way you project these colors and mix them with the lights and other objects in your shoot will help you stand out and make people think you are an extraordinary character they need to pay attention to. 



Wear Casual Clothing

Most people are used to wearing black suits to take corporate pictures. They want to project an image of power and control and show people they mean business. Well, guess what, people are more attracted to things they are familiar with. This is especially true for businesses that cater to customers who have vast ideas of what fashion is about. Wearing casual clothing in your corporate photography also projects you as someone who is cool and eventful, and is approachable. You have to project yourself as a person ready to mingle and ready to solve problems at any time.


Tell Stories

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People love stories. It triggers something in us and makes us want to have more of it. There is a reason why video games, movies, and novels can never go out of fashion. You can tell a story with your photography to reveal something about you or your business. It could be about what you feel about your customers and how you want them to relate to you. It could be one of the most important moments that define your business. The best photographers have ideas for creating scenes that tell stories in their photos. One great example is Joe Mcnally



The things that can be found in the background of your corporate photograph tell a lot about your personality. Think about it for a second. If you were a military officer and you want to take a photo without your uniform, what would you do to make people know you must be military? You can also include your company’s logo in the background to show your uniqueness, capacity, and value. Your background should say something about you and help define what you stand for.


Use The Exterior

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Your corporate photography does not have to be done within four walls. You can take it to the exterior and make use of the beauty afforded by architecture or public infrastructure. You can blend this idea with your personality to show how vast you can be. Using the exterior also comes with the opportunity to rely on natural lighting to express the kind of story you want to tell. The bottom line is to ensure that there is a true expression that will help you create the kind of ideas you want the world to see in you.











You Don’t Always Have To Pose

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Posing is good but most times it makes all photographs look the same. You don’t have to pose in your corporate session. What about having a board meeting or office party and pictures are taken to show your corporate lifestyle, personality, and power in a different form? People like to see things done in a different way because it excites them and makes them reflect in a different way also. You have the power to show the kind of message you want to pass, and the best way to do this is to try new things that people are not too familiar with.


Caught In The Act

corporate portrait on a snowy day at the top of a building

Your business has its own different ways of doing things. Why not bring that uniqueness into your creative photography session and turn everything around. Caught in the act means you’ll be photographed doing what you know how to do best as regards your line of business. Such a photograph, when done well, can impact the audience and make them understand why you are unique in what you do and what you stand for.


Add Your Creativity

The flexibility to be creative is the sum of it all. How do you make people know that you’re different? How do you express your personality in photography, without saying a word, and expecting people to discover and understand you? The way you show yourself and the way you use ideas to improve your appearance tells a lot about you and can help people relate to you in a better way. Your corporate photography should show your creativity and ability to turn simple things into a masterpiece. Of course, you’re not trying to impress anyone. You just want to show how vast you can be and how easy it is for you to really impact other people with your ideas and creativity. 

Adding personality to your corporate photography sessions is something you should think about and try to achieve. The way you present yourself in the images about you out there determines how people see you and ultimately will play a role in how people accept you. Your photography sessions should be filled with creative ideas that will set you apart and show the kind person you are. Make sure you are creative enough. Use the right background to express your ideas and have it in mind that you don’t need to pose. Take advantage of beautiful exteriors, if you have, and pick the right angles. Take pictures with your colleagues and express the real value in you. Show the world what you are made of. 

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