Having an e-commerce store to sell your product is one of the best strategies to boost your sales. However, the boom in eCommerce today has brought stiff completion among online stores. This means that for any eCommerce that wants to sell online, it is no longer enough to put a description of a product with a mediocre image.

It is necessary to make the presentation of the product as attractive as possible. Indeed, one of the main techniques to make sales in web environments is to use professional product photography that arouses interest and attracts attention.

In this post, we tell you how good product photography can boost your business sales.


1. The first impression is what counts

It is believed that a well-taken photograph accounts for at least 80% of sales success. Undoubtedly, a good photo makes the buyer pay attention to the product. It is the main and most visual description of the product. This is the first thing a customer sees when they are about to make a purchase.

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 potential buyers will not consider a product item without a photo.

Therefore, you must ensure that the photo of the product offered is attractive to capture the attention of your customer.


2. Helps in decision making

A simple question, would you buy a dress based solely on its description? As a customer, you will most likely need some kind of visual reference to feel confident about your purchase decision. It is true that the written text is necessary when indicating the material, size, weight, etc. However, the quality of images offered on the product is decisive to achieve the conversion of the user to an e-commerce portal.

If you offer a poor quality image, the user will mistrust the product and e-commerce. This will make him look for another store to get the same product.


3. Increases time on page

It’s no secret that good product photos, in some way as a work of art, attract attention not so much by the objects depicted on them, but by their quality and execution.

A well-photographed image gives the client the opportunity to study it. Small details in the photo can capture a person’s attention for a long time. If the person is attracted to the picture, he will be ready to spend more time studying it. As a result, it increases the likelihood of a purchase.


4. Increases the interest of a customer in the product

Nothing can attract a buyer like a well-taken product photograph. When buying on the Internet, a person most often cannot evaluate a product in life: he is not able to examine, touch, or try it. A good product photograph can convey all this information.

Unlike the text description prepared by the seller, the description of the photo is made by the buyer himself. By examining a product on a phone or laptop screen, a person is completely free in judgments and formulations. He sees the most significant details in it and evaluates it according to his own criteria unknown to the seller.

A beautiful picture awakens the buyer’s desire to become the owner of the product. And on the contrary, in the absence of a well-taken photograph, there is a high possibility that the page with the product will not even be opened.


5. Build trust and increase the number of buyers.

A good product photo reflects the quality of the sold product as accurately as possible and shows its main properties and characteristics. If the photo does not attract a person, the product page often does not even open. Conversely, good photographs increase the number of visitors, and as a result, increase the number of buyers. In addition, this increases customer loyalty and the likelihood that he will make a purchase in this store again in the future.

The problem with low-quality photos is that they often distort the product (its color, shape, structure) or do not show the existing flaws at all. As a result, the customer buys a product that does not meet his expectations. This leads to disappointment, and the buyer is forced to return the purchase or leave an angry review on the seller’s page. This affects future customers who may want to purchase the same product from you.



It is quite clear that good product photography is a key element when it comes to creating trust in your online store. Potential customers will feel much more secure when buying, and therefore, will buy more if you offer them quality graphic information. So, by taking care of your eCommerce photography, you will transmit trust and security to your consumers.