How To Add Personality To Your Corporate Photography

Personality is what defines your business and differentiates you from the rest. Photos will go a long way in projecting your image and providing a way for people to understand you. Adding personality to your corporate photography will not only define you but offer you a better opportunity to tell your unique story. You need to add color, the perfect background, and include the

2019-10-02T16:22:09-06:00, Good Or Bad Idea as a Photographer? My Experience After a Year

I want to disclaim that this is purely my experience with Unsplash, this doesn’t mean it applies to everyone.  A year ago I was looking to start different ways to promote and create awareness of my photography business and I landed on a very interesting blog post about why Unsplash could be a great way to get your name out there. Here a couple


20 Resources to Improve Your Professional Photography Skillset

Professional photography has come a long way since flash powder and dark room film development. As technology advances, it gets easier to take the picture a photographer wishes to capture. As a result, though, it is easier to become confused at the new progressions or lose out on using your full potential. Whether you are a new to photography or an expert photographer, there


Top 5 Types of Visual Content You Shouldn’t Miss Out In Your Marketing

Creating striking content for your marketing is no longer an option but a mandate. Naturally, human beings tend to grasp concepts better when they are presented to them visually. It is no wonder 90 percent of the information that your brain processes is usually visual with 40 percent of people finding it easier to learn better through visual stimulation rather than using plain text. This


Want to Land That Dream Job? Get Yourself a Professional Headshot

Whether you like it or not, presentation matters to your career. Borrowing from the knowledge we already know from research, most recruiters scrutinize potential candidates on social media. While business cards can help you project a professional image, in this digital era, most professional connections will first scope you online, for instance, through your LinkedIn profile, before conducting any


7 great commercial photographers to get your inspiration from

Since I started my journey into Commercial Photography I wanted to copy every photographer’s style I liked and this could sound a bit wrong but this helped me to learn a bit of those photographers and incorporate what I like about them and create my own style. These are some of the inspirational commercial photographers I use when I have to work on a


How Professional Photos Enhance Your Website

Your website is the digital representation of your brand, so why settle for low-quality photography? Here's why you need professional photographs on your site. If you’re about to upload a picture of two people in business suits shaking hands to your blog or website, please, stop and back away from the drag and drop menu. We need to have a serious talk about professional


The Top 10 Principles of Amazing Photography

For any photographer, capturing the perfect shot is an eternal aspiration. It’s why we invest time and resources into improving our equipment, staying up to speed with the latest innovations. If you’re a promising amateur or an enthusiast looking to refine your skills, allow us to share the 10 principles of amazing photography. Keep reading to discover how you can make the best of


7 Reasons Why Stock Photos Could Ruin Your Brand and How to Avoid It

Business photography plays an indisputable role in improving brand exposure and engagement. Indeed, a picture speaks a thousand words. Because of the high demand for photography in business, stock photography was invented. This is the selling /licensing of images by photography agencies for brands to use in their communications and marketing activities. Not all pictures might speak a thousand favorable words for your business.


Headshot Photography is Often 80% Psychology and 20% Photography Skills

Headshot photography is a skillset and it doesn’t exclusively mean that the skills required to deal with a camera. A professional photographer of any kind should have a personality that allows you to be good at you do. You have to explain what’s happening around you through a photograph and that requires vision, talent and a personality that brings comfort to the ambiance. You

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