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  • Free ConsultationSet up a phone call for us to discuss your food photography needs, no strings attached.

  • Planning – I review your previous food images and plan the best approach for our shoot.

  • On-site or in-studio. You choose the best location for your brand and project. I’ll ask for your feedback on images throughout the entire process, even if we are working remotely.

  • I work with your goal in mind to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

  • With your end results in mind, I do all the retouching myself.

  • 24-hour turnaround on the proof images for you to choose.

  • Flexibility is my second name – Late nights, weekends, holidays…I do it all!


1. Free consultation – Discuss the project and your photography needs.

2. Send me photos of your food, competitors, and any style of photography you like.

3. Book a day that works best for you. We will shoot on-location or studio with fresh food and your chef or food stylist.

4. Based on your inspiration, I plan ideas and concepts for the shoot.

5. We capture images until you are satisfied with the result.

6. I send your images within 24 hours and you choose your favorite ones.

7. Once you have selected your images I professionally edit your photos.

8. Digital files are sent to you through a private, secure cloud service and they remain available for three weeks.


When will I get my images after I choose the final ones?2020-06-08T09:25:08-06:00

After you have selected your preferred images I will edit/retouch them and deliver a final product to you within 24 hours. If you desire further editing we will then discuss a timeline that includes extra hours.



How do I choose a food photographer?2020-06-08T09:22:51-06:00

A good food photographer will have a strong digital presence. A fantastic website, positive reviews, and robust social media is a great place to start, but I also encourage you to call them! Communication is also key. Here is an article I wrote on how to choose your professional photographer.

Do you provide props?2020-06-08T09:57:12-06:00

I have some props available and will acquire any props I think would be beneficial to our shoot when I am game-planning. If you would like any specific props please let me know in our consultation.

Do I really need professional food photos for my project?2020-06-08T09:21:57-06:00

The short answer is YES. Professional food photos make your restaurant stand out amongst your competitors and other brands. Check this article where I talk about how professional photos enhance your brand.

Do I pay the same rate if I just need menu photos?2020-06-08T09:59:02-06:00

Every project is different and the price will reflect that. You can read this article about the difference between menu, hero style, and lifestyle shot.

Do I need to be in the session?2020-06-08T09:25:58-06:00

No, you do not need to be present for the shoot. I will always be in touch with you before, during, and after the shoot to ensure I meet your expectations.

Do I get the full rights/license of my images?2020-06-08T09:23:40-06:00

There will be different rates for editorial versus commercial photos and it solely depends on your end goal and product. If your image has an editorial purpose the usage for this will be for that publication only. If your image has a commercial purpose you have all the rights to use it since my commercial rate includes licensing. Here I explain the difference between editorial and commercial.

Can I send you the food?2020-06-08T09:27:51-06:00

As long as the food is not perishable you can deliver the food. I can also pick it up if we are shooting in-studio, otherwise, we will shoot on-location with fresh food and your chef.

Can I extend my product image license on old photos?2020-06-08T09:24:13-06:00

Yes, there can be some flexibility depending on the project and circumstance. Please reach out to me so we can discuss your options.



  • Number of items TBD
  • Final images TBD
  • Advanced retouching
  • Full license


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