The Theme

Flamenco… Inspired by ‘Spanish royalty’ with a modern twist, this team was drawn to the culture of singing, dancing, colors and music that can be found in the beautiful country of Spain. Each team member was inspired in their own way which allowed us to create such unique and different looks.

Everything from hair, makeup, wardrobe and set location was planned as a team to produce a harmonious experience and stunning images.

“Bonded by their eccentric creativity, twisted sense of humour and mutual love for makeup & fashion.

All these three artists have begun working on something they like to call the “Glamtourage Project.”

In order to keep the creative juices flowing, they have decided to collaborate on a number of themed photo shoots that not only allow for them to show off their skill and practice their art, but also involve and showcase the work of up and coming photographers and models. This is the final work, Enjoy!