Videography is an industry that has no ceiling in today’s market. Video dominates everything we do. When you read up on statistics involving video, all you see is growth. Youtube has almost one billion monthly users, and daily visitors to the site consume more than 500 million hours of video. All the major social networks are making video content a priority in their algorithms, and therefore, a priority in your personal feeds. Anyone in the industry must be ready to learn more and grow their skills in the blink of an eye. Here are fifteen blogs for you to follow to learn more about the industry and develop your skills. As this medium continues its upward trajectory, you won’t regret learning more from industry leaders to improve your skills and make you more marketable.


Hurlbut Visuals Blog

This blog is a must-follow for anyone in the video field, regardless of where they are in their career. The founder of this site, Shane Hurlbut, created the quintessential blog for anyone in the video industry. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro; his site has the information you can use. He breaks the content down in a manner that most everyone can understand. The blog also comes with a forum that you can pay to join. These forums offer you even more access to information as well as other users. Head over to Hurlbut Academy and get started.


Phillip Bloom

video blogs to follow

Phillip is a world-renown filmmaker who specializes in creating film-style images from low-budget video. The amount of information he has on his site is awe-inspiring. He has created videos on so many topics in the industry, you should be able to find one on any issue you could encounter. Check out his tips at Philip Bloom.


Video Copilot

This is the best site for you to check out if you enjoy shooting video with motion design and special effects. Even if you don’t know anything about this field, this site can teach you everything. Founded by Andrew Kramer, he makes learning easy for everyone. To participate in his lessons, all you need is your computer and Adobe After Effects. All of his teaching videos are free, so if this is a field you are passionate about or you simply want to learn more, go to Video Copilot and learn more about how to get started.



video blogs to follow

If you got into video editing because you want to tell stories, this is a site you will love. As a matter of fact, that is the mission of this website. Noam knows storytelling goes beyond more than just one thing and strives to give your tips and feedback on how to weave many ideas together to create a total video story package for your viewers. He knows film has the potential to be quite impactful, and he is here to help with that. Visit his site and learn more tips at Noamkroll.



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This blogsite started with a group of filmmaker friends who got together and just wanted to share everything they loved about their jobs and how to help other people. While you are here, you will get tips about how to execute an excellent film copy. But this group also knows that without one key thing, it doesn’t matter how high quality your film is. They know you must have a great story. This site focuses on how to intertwine film and your story to produce something people can’t get enough of. Visit FilmmakerIQ to learn more or take one of their courses.


Preston Kanak

filmmaker blogs to follow

Preston covers quite a bit of content related to filmmaking. But he also touches on another topic that other sites overlook-the freelancers in this industry. There are tons of freelance filmmakers and videographers in the world. Not to mention all the photographers who are adding video to their business. This site offers advice and content geared towards people like that. Visit Preston Kanak to learn more.



This site covers just about everything. And that’s how they like it. They know film is a genre with many facets. And their posts are reflective of that. There are even posts on how to film with a GoPro. They truly understand that film isn’t just limited to a camera or fancy equipment anymore. When finding video blogs to follow, checking out Fstoppers is a must. Head over to Fstoppers and see their latest posts.



filmmaker blogs to follow

This is another site that covers a wide range of topics. Their posts are known for being clear and to the point. In addition to posting content that so many different kinds of users can enjoy, they host and support film festivals for independent filmmakers. Show your support and check out their content by heading over to Raindance. There are also course offerings and other educational materials on the site.



video blogs to follow 2

This blog deals with the business aspect of a film/videography business. While it is more fun to focus on the art aspect of film, the time does come where it is a business, and those types of things must be handled. Most of the blog posts on this site deal with all things business, how to run a film company, and build it from the ground up. It may not sound as enthralling as other blogs, but it is just as important. Head over to Filmlifestyle to get business and film tips.


Dave Dugdale

For people who want to know more about the technical side of things, Dave’s vlog is the place to be. He addresses things like software, gear, cameras, needed equipment, and anything else pertaining to these you can think of. His friendly demeanor comes through in his videos, which makes it easier to listen to him and learn from him. What sets Dave apart from others? He hosts all his information on YouTube. Head over to his channel and subscribe to learn more Dave Dugdale or visit his blog with great content.


Rocket Jump Film School

This is another vlog that is hosted exclusively on YouTube. Their focus is on quality content that comes with a great story. They truly believe that great stories are what bring people to film. They encourage their viewers to create the film, and tv shows that they would want to watch. Join them on their channel for some great content that combines storytelling and great film RJ Film School.

There are so many more terrific blogs out there that did not get a mention here. This could very easily be extended out to the best 50 blogs for video makers. Many blogs cover specifics, some cover more broad topics, but in the end, they all have the goal of helping people tell better stories through video. As you learn more about the craft and art of videography, add these sites and vlogs to your list.