Like any other type of artist, a photographer will have their own sense of direction. Even with our own vision and direction, we still need to look to other photographers for some inspiration. Reading the blogs and sites of other industry professionals will help you learn more about the hottest trends in the business. It’s also a chance to learn new tips and tricks from other photographers. And honestly, it is just lovely to see the work of someone else and get some fresh ideas for your own shoots. Take a look at these 15 blogs that you should be following if you are a photographer. They will leave you with fresh ideas and ready to take on your next photo shoot or project.


Humans of New York

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This blog is so touching and motivational. The photographer behind this blog, Brenden Stanton, started this project a few years back. He started just walking around the streets of New York City, asking people their stories, and then photographing them. Every story is 100% real. There are no actors. The stories can be so touching and raw. Check him out at Humans of New York.


The Sartorialist

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This blog was started by Scott Schuman. The main focus is on fashion. Scott likes to photograph everyday people and see their relationship with fashion. Big players in the fashion industry love to check out this blog, so they can see how ordinary people are wearing and styling their clothes. This site has been featured in countless magazines and won numerous awards. Follow along on his adventures at The Sartorialist.


Into The Night Photography

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Royce Bair is the photographer behind this website and blog. He reviews for his followers tips and techniques for catching nighttime shots, and the results are mind-blowing. His photos of the Milky Way will make your jaw drop. Check him out at Into the Night Photography.


Skip Cohen University

Photographer Skip Cohen brings his lengthy time in the business and his plethora of connections and puts them all together in blog form. His blog is full of tips on how to shoot amazing photos and advice on how to run your business. It is a must-read for anyone in the industry. He shows how he earned the nickname “The Godfather of Photography.” Check it out at Skip Cohen University.


Sprouting Photographer

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This site is the brainchild of Bryan Caporici and Rob Nowell. They bring together some of the biggest names in the world of photography to speak about topics on their website. This site is renown for talking about the business side of photography and having volumes of educational information to help anyone from a seasoned pro to a budding novice. This site is a must-visit! Check them out at Get Sprout Studio.


David duChemin

David is a traveling photoblogger who produces such high-quality work. He is also the best selling author. David also includes tips about equipment and the business in general. He started a podcast that helps him expand on his thoughts on photography. The link is conveniently on his site as well. Head to his website David Duchemin and check out his fantastic work and insight.


Feature Shoot

This site serves a two-fold purpose. It can give photographers a place to find some inspiration for their next creative shoot. Or it is a great place to get your own work seen. Work from established professional to up-and-comers has been featured on this site. The styles and content also cover a wide variety of everything, from fine art to photos that would be NSFW. It has also won awards from for its photoblog. You must add Feature Shoot to your list of sites to follow.


Shutterstock blog

If you do anything with photos, you have heard of Shutterstock. This site is a great place to find and purchase inexpensive stock photos to use for a wide range of purposes. On top of stock photos, they run a blog full of tips on everything photo-related you could ever think of. If you have a question, Shutterstock probably has the answer. Head on over and check out all the information at Shutterstock


As anyone in this business knows, proper gear can make or break a shoot. The team at Phoblographer knows that and has devoted the information on their site to photography gear along with information about photography related news and events. The team made the blog easy to navigate so you can find anything you need. Go check out the site at The phoblographer.



This blog handles the topic that is the perennial thorn in the side of many photographers-lighting. World-famous photographer David Hobby runs this site and shares tons of tips and tricks on how to improve the lighting for your shoots and suggestions for the gear you should use. This blog has been recognized with awards for the information it provides. You can visit the Strobist at strobist and start improving the light quality on your shoots.


Chase Jarvis

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Chase is an award-winning photographer, and his site is an excellent chance for him to show off his work. He shows off the pictures he has so meticulously shot as well as video he has shot and edited as well. As a bonus, he hosts live chats on occasion with anyone who tunes in to share tips and tricks on his craft. This is a can’t miss site, so head over here Chasejarvis.


Richard Bernabe

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Richard’s blog is impressive as he shows photos from his journeys around the world. He also tells the story behind each photo, including what equipment he used to shoot it, and any other details about the subject. It is genuinely just a fascinating read and a great place to learn from. His personal story is just as inspiring. He left a corporate job to pursue his passion because he wanted to have a career that meant something. That is something we should all get behind. Check out his work at Richard Bernabe.



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Want pictures with minimal descriptions? This is the site for you. Ignant was created to have a feel similar to Instagram, and it uses that feel to show off the photo collections of multiple artists. It’s a great way to show off the work of photographers from a variety of backgrounds, but it also serves as a terrific source of inspiration. Head over to Ignant and see what inspirational collection they are featuring today.


Creative Bloom

This site offers everything you could ever think of photography-related under one roof. Are you looking for career advice? Do you have questions about gear? Would you like to read interviews with other photographers? Look no further than Creative Bloom. They have all that and more on one site. Go to Creative Boom and start clicking around. Prepare to be amazed!


Two Loves Studio

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This site brings together the love of photography with the love of food. The site’s creator (who only goes by her first name of Rachel) was inspired by her photographer husband. So she quit her job to do what she loved, showcase food. She does everything from post blogs with tips to teach online classes, all with the goal of teaching people how to take better pictures of food. You must add Two Love Studio to your reading list.


These amazing blogs only begin to scratch the surface of the plethora of blogs that exist in the world of photography. This post could be written countless times over by swapping out these fifteen for another fifteen that are equally just as amazing. But for now, let’s start with these blogs that are stars in their field. Please follow these photographers and celebrate the high-quality work they are producing.