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food photography business

Feasting Your Eyes: How to Start a Food Photography Business

Photography transcends mere snapshots. Photography tells stories, stirs emotions, and awakens senses – as in food photography! When applied to food photography specifically, its depth becomes manifest – with starting your food photography business being about more than simply having an aesthetic eye; but rather about capturing flavors as essences

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event photographer in dallas

How to Choose the Perfect Event Photographer in Dallas

Planning a special event in Dallas? Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or milestone celebration, capturing the special moments is essential. But with so many event photographers in Dallas, how do you choose the perfect one? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll walk you through

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360 Product photography setup

360 Product Photography. a Simple Guide From a Photographer

360 Product Photography. a Simple Guide From a Photographer Have you ever wondered how to take 360 interactive product photos? It can be overwhelming, but with a bit of guidance from a photographer, it’s straightforward. As a photographer, I have been using 360 product photography for many years, which has

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food photography backdrops

10 Best Food Photography Backdrops

There’s no better way to spice up your photos than by playing with backdrops. Whether you’re a photographer, food blogger, restaurant, or food photographer, you want to spice it up. These top 10 food photography backdrops will help you create fantastic shots of your favorite dishes. From simple white plates

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360 product photography software

360 Product Photography Software for E-commerce

What is 360 Product Photography Software? This digital tool creates 360-degree rotating images of products, allowing customers to view the product from all angles without physically handling it. You use this software to combine all the rotation images into one file and make it interactive or just a simple rotation.

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shooting a dslr in manual mode

Why do you need to shoot in Manual Mode?

Both photographers and purists benefit from shooting in manual mode. It can capture photos that look exactly like you want. As soon as a photographer understands how the aperture affects an image and how light is captured. Understanding manual photography also helps you learn to use Program Mode, Shutter Priority,

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