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rules of composition

Easy Guides to Composition in Photography

Composition plays a vital role in photography and learning. It can help you improve your photo results. Although you shouldn’t focus too much on perfecting the composition, you still have to know the basic rule of photography composition when capturing photos.

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photography ecommerce post production

How does photography post-production drive Ecommerce sales?

Have you ever wondered about the powerful effect photography has on buyers and what it does to their decision-making process?    Good photos have a way of making any product look better. Colors are sharpened, the contrast is increased, and the entire photo becomes crisper. It’s probably not a stretch

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beautiful redhead female photographer holds a digi XAEQKBL 700x441 1

In-House vs Outsourcing Product Photography

Product photography is an integral part of any business as it can boost sales up to a significant margin. However, the main question when it comes to getting your product photos ready is whether to build an in-house studio or hire an external photographer. Both options have their advantages and

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photography website

10 things to look for when building a photography website

“A photographer teaching about building a website!?” This thought is most probably hovering in your mind right now, and it might mislead you. But trust me on this one, I have a strong background in system engineering and have been building photography websites for about 15 years now. Bear with

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