A photograph is worth a thousand words, and a great product shot can say a lot about what your product has to offer. It is a massive mistake to assume that one shot is just as good as another shot when it comes to showcasing your product. Skimping on the details of your product can be a significant detractor to potential clients.


What is Product Photography?

Product Photography is a commercial genre that takes a product and displays it in an attractive way to appeal to an audience. The art of taking a product and building a scene around it with careful consideration of the complementary elements helps a product pop off the screen.

Photographs are displayed through a company’s website, mailer, brochure, or social media. All this is to draw the customer’s interest in your product through a visual interpretation of what it offers the consumer.


Why is it Important?

With more people shopping online, they are buying products without any interaction with them. Great product photos are essential in your ability to compete in the marketplace. A great product photo can be the difference in converting a potential sale into one.

The presentation of your product also helps you build a brand that fits into someone’s lifestyle.


Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle product photography

A Lifestyle photograph takes a product and puts it to work within a well-built scene. These scenes are meticulously crafted to convey a lifestyle to the desired audience.

Introducing products into the scene creates a campaign that will allow the consumer to decide on whether they should or shouldn’t buy your product. It is all about seeing yourself using the product, and lifestyle shots do that.

We see a lot of lifestyle shots when we think of car advertisements. Cars are often shown in the background to a significant moment in the scene. It’s not about what the car did but what type of people are driving that car and the lifestyle they lead.


Catalog and Ecommerce Photography

ecommerce photography

One of the most important places to have excellent product photography is catalogs and eCommerce platforms. When we are surfing the web for a product or flipping through a catalog, we will stop on the images that stand out.

A great photo can change your view of the product, but most importantly, it allows you to stand out from the other products similar to you. There are split seconds to change the consumer’s mind, and an eye-catching photo can do that.

A great photo also allows the consumer to see why your product is the one that they should be purchasing. Product photos are an alternative to holding the product and should be taken seriously.


Hero Shots Make the Difference

product photography 42

With such a short time to tell the consumer what makes your product great, a hero shot does just that. We have talked about creating emotion in potential consumers, but hero shots drive the point home.

When selling a product, you are also selling an opportunity for the consumer to want the product in their life. A successful hero shot puts all of it together by creating an environment where the product stands out to make a consumer’s life easier.

Why You Need a Professional Photographer

A professional can take your mundane images and make them something spectacular. A great product photographer will incorporate specific elements that can help sell your brand to the consumer.

Here are some ways a professional photographer can help:

  • Solve problems with your product
  • Bringing the product into a consumer’s home
  • Showing the quality of the product

All these things can be depicted in a photo. Yet a great photograph can also get you in front of the right audience. If the photo and product are well made, you might even find yourself in a popular industry publication.


Final Thoughts

It only makes sense to get out there and make products look as great as they are. It doesn’t matter what is being sold, but it matters how you present it to a potential customer.

It is never enough just to throw an image up, so you have a visual representation of your product. Take the time to make your product a hero that establishes the value that your product has for your audience.