A little bit about who I am

Hi there, I am Jose Soriano, a Calgary commercial photographer; self-taught, with over 10 years experience, this gives me the added advantage as I have hands-on knowledge of most, if not all genres of photography. For almost a decade working as a professional commercial photographer, I have been opportune to work in different countries.

My job has brought me the way of start-up businesses, top commercial brands, amazing people and I have helped their companies achieve their visual goals, making me part of their numerous success stories. My experience goes beyond mere photography. I tell a story just the way my clients want it, in the most amazing way, and this has made me a top-notch Calgary photographer and I intend on pursuing new and challenging experiences to make my clients more satisfied than I have ever made them.

Acknowledging there is no particular manual for success, I use a combination of my experiences, my scientific and artistic mind, I have garnered as a Computer Scientist, music lover, and trumpet player. These rare features have given me the prowess to take on any project no matter the difficulty, crafting my client’s ideas into amazing photographs that satisfy them beyond their expectations. My work is a style of its own, with the infusion of creative vision in line with my client’s needs. My attention to details, my raw crave for quality and perfect customer satisfaction process, also weighs in on how the final product is delivered. No matter how tight the deadline is, I do all it takes to ensure my client is more than satisfied.


Get in Touch

Give me a call whatever your needs are, photography or video, and be sure to check out my blog to see some of my most recent shoots. In addition, on my Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll find hints and tips on how to make your shoot special. I’ll work with you to create a unique campaign that draws attention to you or your company and presents the subject in a favorable light. Regardless of how much or how little time you have, we’ll come up with the images you need, and there’s no extra charge when you have a short deadline. Your company is your passion and photography is mine. Together, we’ll create great content that will linger in the mind of viewers for some time to come