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Creating a Company Image

Every business today exists is in a highly competitive environment. Companies focus on establishing a brand that positively represents both their product or service and their philosophy..

Photography is, in many ways, a tool to communicate that philosophy. A competitor may offer a similar product or service but, if they don’t communicate that service’s or product’s value to clients, it’s virtually impossible to succeed. Jose Soriano’s belief in taking the necessary time to establish a relationship with each client puts him in a position to create images that successfully portray and develop a company brand.

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Discovering the Options

Today’s advances in photography make it possible to explore new options when creating advertising or other promotional materials. Those advances also make it possible for photography experts to redefine the boundaries of the art which, in turn, allows corporate clients to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Jose fully grasps the fact that some clients already have an idea of what they want and simply need him to provide the vehicle to make their vision a reality. Other clients may have no real idea of how they want to proceed and are seeking expert advice on what types of images would allow them to achieve their goals.
Because there are, essentially, an infinite number of business photography options, Jose discusses how he would approach the problem to determine whether or not his ideas meld with those of the business owner. When an agreement is reached, Jose can begin the quest to capture the images needed to meet the business’s objectives.

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Making the Most of Headshots

Traditionally, headshots tended to rather mundane. There were rarely truly creative professional headshots, as the practice was generally viewed simply as a necessity to allow staff members to use those photos for business cards or promotional materials.

Today, with the use of social media and other types of online promotions, traditional headshots are rapidly evolving. Jose takes the process to a new level with creative shots and poses that capture the subjects in ways that would not have been considered in the past. The business world is changing and, with the help of Jose, your staff headshots will be a part of that evolution.

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Thinking Ahead

Nothing remains static for too long, and the ways businesses present themselves are rapidly changing. Promotional materials of all kinds must be regularly updated to stay on top of current trends.

Websites are a great example, as new standards demanded by the search engines require regular changes of all materials posted on company websites. Great images, as part of any company website, should be updated or changed frequently. Working closely with a commercial photographer to provide new material for websites and social media sites is a great strategy for staying ahead of the competition.

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Give me a call whatever your needs are, photography or video, and be sure to check out my blog to see some of my most recent shoots. In addition, on my Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll find hints and tips on how to make your shoot special. I’ll work with you to create a unique campaign that draws attention to you or your company and presents the subject in a favorable light. Regardless of how much or how little time you have, we’ll come up with the images you need, and there’s no extra charge when you have a short deadline. Your company is your passion and photography is mine. Together, we’ll create great content that will linger in the mind of viewers for some time to come

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